Unfinished Business

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello & happy Monday! 
I had so many ideas for posts this week....but sadly, so many went unfinished. And it sort of dawned on me, well more like I just acknowledged something I already knew - I have a huge problem of starting projects and not completing them.  Whether it be blog posts, quilts, new designs, home projects, cleaning...and on and on.  I thought about it and realized that my very first quilt in fourth grade went unfinished for months because after sewing gobs of squares I thought, holy heck - I can *make* things and went on to sew pillow cases, create jewelry, and embroider...all before returning to finally finish the quilt.

I still do this! I get started on something and then think of all the other things I could do or want to do and leave the original project behind. Thankfully, my husband is so forgiving of this. I'm sure it's bound to drive others crazy. The more I think of it, it makes me scattered and a feeling a little defeated. There's not much accomplishment in unfinished projects. 

If I look around now I've got the chevron wall hanging half completed, new bag designs sketched and prototypes sewn, fabric designs created and partially finished in photoshop, a cool banner for the boys in the works, gift ideas in my head - and it all makes for creative chaos! 

Anyone else work like this? I'd love to hear similar experiences...even if it just makes me feel better ;)  But, of course, if you've got tips or suggestions, I want to hear those too! Right now, I'm making it my goal to finish one thing before I move onto the next...we'll see how that goes, but maybe just being aware is the first step :) 

One project I've completed and feeling good about is this dresser for little man Jack: 


{BEFORE} - A relic found in my mom's barn.....