Finishing Business - A Plan!

Monday, July 02, 2012

When faced with a dilemma, I like to sketch out a plan.  Some sort of step-by-step, bulleted, mapped out approach. It makes me calm :) 

Last month, I shared about my issue with 'unfinished business' - all the projects I joyfully start...and  then drag my feet to complete.  Based on the comments, seems like I'm in good company with this! But, it's still a nagging issue for me nonetheless, one that brings on anxiety, guilt, pressure, and other yukky feelings. Throw the business angle into the mix and it's just a set up for creative failure! 

So.... I created this calendar for a typical week. Going from the notion that some tasks could really go on forever (like housecleaning, creating orders, developing new patterns...) I'll never actually be completed with one to start the next (like if I just went down a to-do list). Instead, I divided up how I look at my time: autopilot vs. design and plugged them into the hours I know I have.

Here's what it looks like: 

I also considered the best time for each kind of task. For example, I typically work in the afternoons when both boys are napping. But because this time is often limited or interrupted, that's best reserved for autopilot tasks.  On the other hand, I am officially in the studio for 5 glorious hours on Mondays - which would be the best time for creating new designs and sketching for fabric--tasks that require me getting into my groove; coffee, music, no interruptions....

After following this for a few days, I've noticed I'm a little less stressed and more freed up to be creative. Yesterday, I had two hours in the studio - typically I would prepare orders, but I knew I could hold off on that for an 'autopilot' time and do some fabric designing (and design I did! woo too! bubbling with excitement :) 

Anyhow, I wanted to share this super basic plan, because even though it's pretty obvious, I hadn't really looked at it like this before. 

Would something like this work for you? How else do you prioritize to complete all your unfinished business?