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Chevron Checkbook Cover Tutorial

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Always feels better writing a check when you've got a pretty checkbook cover right? Well, I used to offer these in my shop & though they were super popular, I began focusing more on bags and custom wedding sets.  But since I've received gobs of requests for them, I thought I'd share at least how I make them.....
courtesy the small things

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Two fabric pieces: 7"(w) x 8"(l)  - for exterior & interior, these could be the same or different prints
Two square fabric pieces: 7" x 7" - for pockets
One piece fusible interfacing cut slightly smaller than 7" x 8"
Two pieces fusible interfacing 3.5" x 7"  

Step 1:
Press large interfacing piece onto wrong side of exterior fabric piece (following manufacturers directions of course, but I always use medium heat, no steam).

Fold both square pocket pieces in half, making a fold rectangle. Slide the 3.5" x 7" interfacing pieces inside each of the rectangles & press to fuse. 

Step 2:
Top stitch along folded edge of each rectangle *(this is optional, but seems more finished to me, I've also added my garment label at this point).

Pin each rectangle along the top & bottom of the interior piece of fabric, being careful to keep everything nice & straight & even. 

 Step 3:
Baste stitch (long stitch) down both sides of the rectangle + interior piece, creating the pockets. 

Step 4:
Make a sandwich with your exterior piece (fused with interfacing) + interior piece (basted with pockets), right sides facing together. Pin in place. 

Stitch around edge with a 1/4" seam allowance, being sure to leave a 3-4" opening (back stitching at beginning & end). 

Tip: create your opening at the side along only one pocket to allow for easier readjusting later.

Trim corners diagonally, making it for sharper corners later. 

Step 5:
Now, this is where it gets a wee bit tricky, or at least easy to mangle it a bit. 

From your little stitched sandwich, flip it right side out through the opening. This takes a bit of coaxing and careful maneuvering so as not to rip seams, pull fabric, or otherwise destroy your creation. 
no, it's not your eyes- I also made a cover in gray!

Step 6:
Now that it's all turned right side out, press baby, press.  This is crucial for this beauty to really work. You may want to use a corner pointer thingy to create sharp corners and straight seams. Carefully tuck in the opening, ensuring you've created a straight edge.

Step 7:
Once you've got it all pressed & smooth, top stitch around the enter case. This will both close the opening and make for a finished look. (If you'd prefer to not top stitch around, you could always do a blind stitch by hand). 

Fold over the cover and press, creating a crisp fold.

courtesy: the small things
Step 8:
Stash your checkbook inside & look good spending money :) 

About my tutorials: I love folks sharing my ideas, please just link back to this post. Also, these are just for personal use :)  And, if you find any mistakes or need clarification, I'm always happy to answer!