This & That - Ice Cream Printables and Pics from the Farm

Monday, August 06, 2012

Hello! What the heck, I just realized I haven't posted since Wednesday! These summer days are flying by.... over here trying to enjoy every last drop of sunshine (it's a big deal in Portland!) and make it a summer to remember :)   Thought these cute ice cream printables from Eat, Drink, Chic would be perfect for little notes in Jack's camp lunch box or for a ice cream get together. 

Bits from our week:
Likely to break my ankle, but I couldn't resist the neon + khaki. 

Trip down to our farm. I miss the summers on these fields but am so happy my little guy gets to experience the satisfaction and sweat of harvest. 

Someday, little one. Someday. 

Hope everyone has a lovely week!