Hooray- A Few (of my!) Fabric Designs

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hip, hip, hooray!  I am beyond excited to (finally!!) share some of the designs I've been working on lately. I've got to say though, that this little collection of breezy happiness is *not* the main collection I've been working on day in & day out. That one will have to wait....

Until then, I wanted to show you a few prints I've created - a little nod towards the those last golden days of summer. Actually, these designs are inspired by my hubby's hometown of Carlsbad, California. It always seems so glowing there to me. Can't you just imagine the sparkling ocean & cool mornings? Along with the bloom of dahlias, it's like a little retreat. 

Soon, these beauties will be available for purchase on Spoonflower. Plus- I'm planning a fun little giveaway soon :)   I've created many of the prints in other color combinations too: 

You didn't think I'd forget chevron did you? This one is designed to print as a whole yard...perfect for a easy baby quilt. Just stitch in along the zig-zag! 

Oh, and my super top-secret collection I'm busting at the seams to share? Well, hopefully I'll have plans for that soon- but here's a little tease with the color palette. 

So, there you go. A few of my designs in all their glory....bright, bold, and clean. In addition to wanting these in my studio right this very second, I'd also really love to hear your thoughts! Go ahead, give me your constructive criticism :)