Reclaimed Frame Cork Board Tutorial

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Looky looky! Turned an old, sad frame into something marvelous! We've been needing a place to pin random cards, receipts, and such so after looking around I finally decided to make my own. This frame had been hanging around with no purpose, it was a drab gray and didn't have any glass. So, with a little color & cork, I made this little beauty. 

Here's how to do it (along with a few tips): 


Frame  (the older & more ornate the better, I think - just be sure to clean & sand if necessary) 

Cork  - bigger than your frame opening, preferable larger than your cardboard piece- see below (I used Board Dudes, 1/8" thick definitely want to make sure it has some thickness to it, some stuff out there is really thin & will just crumble)

Spray Adhesive

Cardboard - make sure this fits snugly into the back of your frame. The frame might already have a cardboard piece (lucky you!) but since my frame was a garage sale find, I just trimmed an old cardboard box

Spray Paint  - I used Design Master in Robin's Egg Blue

{not shown}
Binder Clips a plus
Exacto knife, blade, or scissors

Step 2 & 3:

Spray paint frame (following can directions). Somehow the mess I made didn't make a cut in the photo line-up :) 

While that's drying I began attaching the cardboard to the piece of cork.  Using the spray adhesive, I lightly sprayed the cardboard and then carefully laid it against my cork (being careful not to allow for air pockets). I then clipped the edges with binder clips to help it lay flat. You could also stack a pile of books on top too!   I let mine dry overnight. 

Step 4: 
After your cork + cardboard is nice and dry trim the edges of your cork board. Make sure it's even with your cardboard.

Step 5: 
Admire your work in progress :) 

{this is the finished cork on top of the cardboard}

Step 6:
Insert your cork/cardboard into the back of your frame. Make sure it's securely inserted. Since my frame lacked any sort of tabs, I needed to staple gun it in. 

Step 7: 


Step 8: 
Pin on lots of lovelies on & enjoy! 

cork board

I love remaking something old into something new and re-loved.  What's your favorite remake project? 

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