Embroidery Goodness- Tutorial Round -Up and Adorable Gift

Sunday, September 16, 2012

embroidery project tutorials - allisa jacobs

Inspired by this super sweet birthday gift one of my best friend's in the world stitched up for me, I decided to round up some embroidery goodness! I was a late learner to embroidery (she's the one who taught me in fact!), but I remember falling in love with just how simple it is. Truly needle + thread. And while practice makes perfect when you're stitching, it's certainly an easy thing to start. I've put together these simple projects along with a little tutorial & embroidery thread keeper. 

1. old time bird drawings - martha stewart (you must checkout the actual download!)
2. thread cards - wild olive
3. sewing cards for kids - handmade charlotte
4. connect the dots pillows - the purl bee
5. embroidery stitch collection & tutorial - martha stewart
6. pocket pillows - goody goody 

embroidered pillow

The embroidered bags I offer in my shop have become such a favorite and I think I know why...it's such a treasure to think that someone spent all that time stitching just for *you* - know what I mean? 

embroidered pillow

Speaking of birthdays, thank you everyone for all the happy wishes & kind comments on my blogging confessions last week. I really appreciated hearing your thoughts! 

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