Arizona Blooms

Monday, October 08, 2012

Returned from a little trip last night to Arizona. I took the two boys to visit one of my best friends in the world. Some call me brave. I'm thinking crazy, maybe. Anyhow, we made it & had a blast. Little Man Jack had planned the trip with a list;  see a lizard, a cactus, and eat some guacamole. Happy to say we crossed each of those off his list...and even added a one more;  enjoying his first In & Out grilled cheese (yep, just get the hamburger without the meat ;)   

Before leaving I really planned on taking a lot of photos. Of the boys. With my friend. Of us all together. And then, I realized, that if someone's holding the camera, they can't be chasing the baby. So, I didn't snap quite as many shots as I hoped, and the ones I got were mostly when they were preoccupied with eating or exhausted from the long day. But I did catch a few of the gorgeous flowers. 

oh, the color! 
Love this shape. And you know what, this plant is huge. It's not one of those little succulents, it's like 4 feet across! 

Oh, and just can't pass up this cutie with his cactus!

Now, that I've celebrated the last hurrah of our summer, I'm ready to start enjoying chilly mornings & cozy sweaters :)