Lovely Gifts to Make

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hello. I found this sweet little gift box house and wanted to share it. It's next up on our to-make list over here....a list which really does exist. My four year-old, like me, adores his lists. He planned an afternoon Christmas party...for just the two of us while the baby slept. And it melted my heart.  

I read an article about the 'Newtown effect', how many parents were given an unexpected gift of patience in wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook. A renewed sense of patience and thankfulness and appreciation. And while I cherish the times with my boys, I was reminded (in such a tragic way) that I left my career in teaching for the sole purpose 

Every since Friday, our perpetual crafting & making & baking & drawing & memory making has taken on a greater meaning and I find myself a in strange combination of both cherishing the moment and grieving for the losses.

But, there is something about making that, for me at least, is therapeutic. I think it's how I ended up with this business journey. It's a way to connect and make something lovely in the world. 

And to that, to the effort of connecting and making lovely things, here are some of my favorite gifts to make this year. 

Gingerbread House Box - Amy Christie via Design Mom {image credits}
Monogrammed Mugs - also from Design Mom
Stamped Tea Towels - from Centsational Girl
Tile Coasters - A Cottage Home
Patchwork Star Ornament - from little 'ol me
Fabric Scrap Journal - me, again

What are you making now? Do you have any ideas for perfect gifts to make? I'd love to hear about it. 

Wishes for a love-filled & peaceful week.