Creating A Home: Work and Family

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I came across this gorgeous image from Caitlin Wilson via Design Sponge and my first thought was, yes!

This how I feel. I'm a home-centered gal by nature. I think because I grew up with so much change and moving and uncertainty, I work extra hard to create a home, a place, for our family. Heaped together is a whole lot of gratitude that I have this opportunity to grow my business & love my boys in the very same place. The conversations about business and creating things. It makes for such a fun dynamic in our little family, I absolutely love each morning when my son pops his head into the door of my studio and I welcome him to the day. Or the afternoons when preschool & nap time & the stars align and I can grab my cup of coffee and create. 

I know these days are fleeting and there will be a time when I'm itching to return to the classroom. Days when the boys are both in school and the house is empty.  So for now, I'm just going to soak up and cherish this crazy awesome time filled with Legos & wedding clutches. 


I would love to hear, can you relate to this at all? What is something you love about your current situation? 

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