Love Story - Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Isn't this the truth? I found Rumi and all his wisdom in college and held onto this notion of love...then when I met my husband I thought, 'ah, this is what he meant.'  Feeling like somehow you have been part of each other's life all along & can't imagine the days without them. Almost like every heartbreak and lesson and triumph were preparing us for the moments with them. 

When Jack was born it felt the same way to me. As if somehow, strangely, I'd been preparing my whole life to be a mother and it all came together in this perfectly imperfect way for him to be born...and now for Luke too. The other day Jack asked me, totally bewildered, "what exactly did you do before I was in your belly." (Good question! What were the car rides like? Quiet? What about Saturday mornings??) I thought about it for awhile and answered, "Well - I guess I was always just getting ready for you."

My valentines.

Wishes to everyone for a love-filled, happy day! xo