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Friday, February 15, 2013

ben franklin quote passion driven

Valentine's Day may be over but I'm still talking about passion over here....

Passion driven businesses that is! I find so much inspiration from all the wonderful creative entrepreneurs out there - the moxie, drive, ambition. I try to soak up what I can.  In my experience on this journey of making + making it work, pricing is the one hitch in the plans. It's hard to get it just right. Usually, hard to get it right for you, the maker. We tend to undersell and sell ourselves short. 

Well, enough of this! I'm over at Oh My Handmade Goodness chatting about passion & pricing and the case to let reason hold the reins when it comes it setting price points & making a profit.  I've got some ideas on how to let go of common emotions we get tangled up in and would love to hear your thoughts & experience with it all. 

{Lots more about that in my ebook, if you haven't scooped that up yet}

In other news...
My personalized embroidery cosmetic bags made an appearance on Huffington Post Weddings this week, that was fun! Lots of other handmade wedding goodness there too. 

Oh, and look at this sweet Valentine's Day card from the hubby - he was out of town so it was me, the two boys, a frozen pizza, and Finding Nemo but surprised me with a little gift waiting in my studio. He always finds the perfect cards! Hope everyone else had a lovely day, xo