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Holiday Gift Picks - For The Critters

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Some of my favorites for the pets & the people who love them ;)

Pet Dish from KBOriginals ($23) - I bet Fido or Fifi would love eating from this bowl!
Hand Embroidered Collar ($37.95) from Shop Mimi Green - so many charming collars in this shop, it was hard to choose just one!

Personalized Pet ID Tag ($15) from Anandi - I found this shop last year & have kept them on my list...gorgeous handstamping & $1 of the proceeds go to the AZ Humane Society!

Custom Pet Portrait ($18) from Miss Crowland - ok, this is probably more for the owner rather than the pet..but it's charming & I hope to someday have one made of our handsome little Boston kitty

Dog Shampoo Bar ($3) by One Clean Dog - clever idea, seems like it would make the whole bath process much easier! This shop has many more natural pet products- great for making a gift basket ...Plus, I love the packaging!

Fish Catnip Toys ($8) from Love Jessica Always adorable. I know my kitty would love these!

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